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Guangyuan resin tile
Guangyuan resin tile
Guangyuan resin tile

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The reason to choose us


01.Strong strength

Over the years focus on resin tile, set design, production, sales, construction in one, with a professional operation team, industry experience, widely recognized by customers, the southwest region of the same industry strength supplier。

02.Low cost

Manufacturers direct supply, first-hand supply, for you to save the cost of middlemen, more preferential mass procurement, superior geographical location, located in the distribution center of resin tile raw materials, to give you a low-cost and high-quality price advantage

03.Strong supply capacity

New automated production plant, the introduction of a set of professional production equipment, strong production capacity, monthly output of 10,000 meters, conventional products, are in stock, the same day of cooperation delivery;Custom products, 3-7 days delivery

04.Intimate after-sales

Professional after-sales team, provide full tracking service, after-sales worry, send professional personnel to the site installation guidance, service is more in place, to create a comfortable cooperation experience。

About us


Guangyuan City Hesheng new building materials factory

Guangyuan Hesheng new building Materials factory uses ASA resin and PVC resin as raw materials, after strict scientific ratio, 9 years of professional production technology and experience, the use of three-layer co-extrusion technology,produce,The company operates synthetic resin tile product variety, color diversity,Can meet the needs of different customers,Synthetic resin tiles have a light weight,防水,坚韧,Heat preservation and insulation,隔音,anti-corrosion,Wind and seismic resistance,抗污,Green recyclable,防火,绝缘,…

Guangyuan Synthetic Resin Tile Factory: leading tile manufacturer


Guangyuan synthetic resin tile Guangyuan synthetic resin tile factory is a..The tile manufacturer, specializing in synthetic resin tile, PVC waterproof coil, SBS waterproof coil and other building waterproof materials R & D, production and sales。The company was founded in 1992, has rich experience and technical strength, has become China's building waterproof industry..One of the enterprises。The tiles of Guangyuan Synthetic resin Tile Factory are mainly made of raw materials such as synthetic resin and glass fiber, with light weight, waterproof, durable, environmental protection and other advantages...

Choose Guangyuan antique resin tile is more worry?


A very popular tile in the new environmental protection building materials industry - Guangyuan antique resin tile。ASA synthetic resin shingle is made of expensive materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and ultra-weather-resistant ASA film by high temperature mechanical pressing。By the national Ministry of Construction science and Technology Development Central evaluation, the product environmental protection...

Why is the Guangyuan synthetic resin tile worth choosing


Synthetic resin tile manufacturer: synthetic resin tile should be laid according to the site roof situation before installation, so as to help the installation of watts to achieve horizontal and vertical, the best installation quality and achieve beautiful results。When the main tile of a two-slope roof is installed, one side crest ** is aligned with CC1 (CC2) or DD1 (DD2)...

Is Guangyuan resin tile suitable for rural roof renovation?


In the past, self-built houses have many roofing materials with pottery, because pottery is fired with clay, and clay is a kind of.Renewable materials, will spread natural resources, the firing process will also cause harm to the environment, gradually replaced by some new roofing materials Guangyuan resin tile, even the function is much stronger than ceramic tile。在...

What are the benefits that light plaster plaster brings


Lightweight plaster plaster is very common in decoration, can replace plastic, cost-effective, green。Now PChouse is going to explain to you what light plaster is and what the benefits of light plaster are。 First, what is light plaster plaster Light plaster plaster mixed mortar is a kind of upgrade to replace mixed mortar, more ecological environmental protection, more social and economic development in our country's marketing and promotion products, widely used in the house has not touched the water for a long time to do wall leveling...

Tell us about the nature of preservative wood


Everyone in the choice of anticorrosive floor, always feel the price of expensive wood to praise wood, in fact, not, each kind of wood raw materials are not the same, the application field is also different, Sanxin to introduce several high-quality anticorrosive floor application field, hope to deal with some problems for everyone。 Europe and the United States prefer: Red cedar is located in Germany, the garden of the Navia Peninsula in Europe, is the first place for the growth and development of red cedar。Red cedar because of the long development period and has a long, tall and stiff, strong wood...

Let's talk about the production process and material description and method of anti-double special plate


The anti-bide board is a high-strength PC board that is transformed by lignin fiber (handmade cardboard, kraft paper packaging bag) and photocuring resin (trimery-trimery-epoxy glue, urinal-aldehyde glue epoxy glue) under extreme pressure and becomes unavoidable after high temperature annealing。It takes the analytical chemical halogen bulb, no harm to human health, in the case of aerobic oxidation will not cause harm to human health gas and organic matter, is the identification of today's social environmental regulations, green product structure design building decoration materials。 MAX resistance...

We know: when Guangyuan synthetic resin tile color is too bright whether it will be harmful to the body


We know: when Guangyuan synthetic resin tile color is too bright whether it will be harmful to the body?I hope this article can reveal for you that color has a latent impact on people's spirit and body, whether in all aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation can give us a positive or negative impact, especially in the home environment, the impact of color on people is more...





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